Barton under Needwood Parish Council

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February 2019

The traffic calming on Upper Main Street has seen one bollard destroyed and the replacement knocked out of the ground in the space of six weeks.  On the second occasion the bollard was not too badly damaged and was refitted by Highways very quickly.  The bollard is there to stop people driving through the cycle lane and is on the pavement.  We will review with Staffordshire Highways whether any changes to signage are needed.


A bollard on the Square has also been badly damaged and Mike Bennett has kindly offered to repair it.  Hopefully it will be back in situ by the time you read this.  Although in an odd place we think it was hit by a lorry.


There is to be an experimental no right turn left turn measure at the bottom of Town Hill in Yoxall for HGVs as an attempt to reduce heavy goods traffic on the A515.  We are concerned that this might cause lorries travelling on the A515 from the A50 to divert via the B5017, Forest Road and through the village.  These concerns have been expressed to County Highways and our County Councillor during the consultation period, but we have not yet received any comments back.


The Parish Council has been asked to support the Little Staffie Bus that is part of the East Staffs Mobility Link providing transport for several local residents into Burton on a weekly basis.  It was rescued from being cut last year and is run by Ashbourne Community Transport.  We will provide the financial support asked for and hope that it will continue to run.


A new grit bin has been put on the Square and we have also put one on the corner of Barton Lodge.  Councillor Ed Sharkey and Sean Gaynor do most the gritting work – in the burial ground, on the Village Hall car park, on the Square and on the pavement in front of Barton Lodge.  If you would like to help, please let us know.


By the time you read this, a new planter should have appeared in the Square.  We have received a donation from Argos towards the planter itself and a grant from ESBC for plants.  It will stand in the area where the Christmas Tree goes as we thought the manhole cover was not particularly attractive and it also gives a bit of focus.