Barton under Needwood Parish Council

Musings from our Local Newshound


This Sunday, the second in July, is traditionally Sea Sunday. Services often use the well-known hymn ‘Eternal Father strong to save’ with the line ‘Hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea’. Unless we live near the sea and docks  it is easy to forget the amount of imports that come to our coast on which we depend every day. We do not think so much about the Royal Navy and others who make their livelihood at sea because we live as far from coast as is possible in this country. Many, even on holiday, will have some anxiety when at sea. It is good to have confidence in the Hand of God.


When I was very young, I sat on my Auntie’s knee while she knitted me a ‘sailor boy’. I took my little sailor everywhere and I remember the anxiety when he was once left in a shop. I could take you to the shop today! I would certainly have taken him to the seaside, he went everywhere, and he was my security. We all need to be conscious of support, that we are not alone. Whether we accept it or not the Hand of God is all present.


Many of the Gospel Stories in the Bible take place near the Sea of Galilee. Many of the disciples were fishermen. The Sea of Galilee can be quite dangerous. I am reminded of the presence of Jesus making all the difference in time of storm on the Lake or other anxiety.


So everything is opening up again. We need to respect all the guidance to support each other. If we do not exercise distancing then we have forgotten the support we need to give each other and the vulnerable. This is the backbone to living with the virus.


We still need to be conscious of those who have supported us all over these past months, in the NHS and carers and us all remembering each other. It is good if we are consciously following the guidance given and feel the reassurance from the ever present Hand of God.  ‘Hear us when we pray to Thee…’.

Tony Wood was Vicar of Barton for some years, he now lives in Branston.  He is also our local Newshound writing regularly for the Lichfield Mercury.  We are delighted to be able to share his musings on a weekly basis as he himself is in social isolation.  We hope it will put a smile on your face and perhaps provide some comfort in these difficult times.

Dawn Chorus sailor boy